Nano IVF

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Nano IVF is another holistic alternative to standard IVF
Why is it performed?

Nano IVF is a more holistic alternative to conventional IVF treatment. But it differs from natural IVF because it does involve some hormone stimulants and the production of multiple embryos.

What is it?

The exact regimen a patient follows varies from case to case, but typically nano IVF includes taking daily Clomid pills supplemented with periodic injections and a nasal spray to encourage ovulation and the production of healthy eggs. As with all types of IVF, we carefully monitor the patient’s health throughout the process to achieve optimal results.

Additional Information

Nano IVF is a good option for patients with a fear of needles, or are seeking a financial middle ground between natural IVF and conventional IVF. At Ferny, we also give our IVF patients the opportunity to freeze remaining embryos through cryopreservation for future use, so you don’t have to repeat the ovulation and fertilization process.

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