Natural IVF

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Natural IVF lets women forego the discomfort of daily injections
Why is Natural IVF performed?

Unlike standard IVF, Natural IVF is a great option for women who want to avoid daily hormone injections because of the discomfort of ovarian stimulation or the high cost of the medication.

What is Natural IVF?

In this alternative IVF, eggs are harvested from the woman’s natural cycle, sometimes induced to accelerate their arrival, without her having to experience the side effects of hormonal injections.

Any patient with a regular menstrual cycle is a good candidate for natural IVF, which is more comfortable, more affordable and has success rates comparable to conventional IVF.

Additional Information

At our Natural IVF clinic in New York City, we utilize all the same technologies as conventional IVF treatment to monitor a woman’s health throughout her cycle, and to check the health and viability of each egg she produces. Many women prefer the natural IVF treatment because it offers a more comfortable route to building their family, without side effects from medication and multiple-embryo production.

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